Pillars of Purpose

Kearney Chamber of Commerce
Mission and Vision


The relentless pursuit of a vibrant and prosperous business community.


For all businesses to flourish and become an impactful leader in the community, to be reliable resource for the people who live, work, and play here, and to be equipped to embrace the future of our community.

Our Pillars

Celebrate Our

Businesses contribute in significant ways to the success of our community. It is important that those successes be
recognized. The Chamber is active in promoting and celebrating all the wonderful things that businesses do in the community.

Empower Business

To maintain success, businesses need to continue to change, improve and focus on their customers. The Chamber has made
it a priority to coordinate training and networking opportunities that support
businesses in their pursuit of excellence.

Strengthen Community Partnerships

Many of the issues that our business community encounters are also being felt by other entities in our community. The
Chamber is focused on finding solutions through cooperation and collaboration with other chambers, communities,
community organizations, or any other groups with a related focus, including our Schools, Government, Workforce,
and Non-profits.

Support Local Shopping

Like most smaller communities, Kearney struggles with getting their citizens to shop local. The #ShopLocalKearney campaign is more than just a shop local program. It challenges our citizens to give the local service provider the first opportunity for their business. It then challenges those businesses to provide service selection and value
that will ensure the customer is satisfied. Shopping locally allows a community to host the best possible service level and improves the overall quality of life with businesses and citizens. “Keep your town in business by keeping your business in town.”

Develop Visionary Leadership

Business moves the world.

So how do you want your company to contribute? To one degree or another, many of us feel the world today lacks quality leadership. But what better way to fight against that trend than by inspiring
greatness in our future leaders? It all begins with leading by example. That’s a tall order, though, and not very specific — so we’ll explore ways the Chamber can assume thought leadership in the ongoing search for a better quality of life for all. 

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