Keep The Cheer Here Holiday Gift Guide

Embrace The Spirit Of Local Shopping This Holiday Season
In support of our “Keep the Cheer Here” campaign by the Kearney Missouri Chamber of Commerce, we’d like to highlight the numerous advantages of shopping local during the holiday season. When you opt to shop locally, you not only spread holiday cheer but also bolster the Kearney community in various ways. This choice allows you to contribute to the growth and vibrancy of our town while enjoying a distinctive and memorable holiday shopping experience.
Click the navigation at the bottom of the Cheer Guide to the right to see all of the exciting information and opportunities that await you!
Table Of Contents: Everything You'll Need To Know About Kearney This Holiday Season
  • 1. Advantages Of Shopping Local 3
  • 2. Shopping Guide 7
  • 3. Local Gift Cards 19
  • 4. Events and Happenings 27
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