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Chamber Cash makes the perfect gift! It can be redeemed at a wide variety of merchants – from retail to grocery stores, and even professional services. The program truly strives to keep local dollars here in Kearney with Chamber Members who support our community.

Local shopping is crucial to our continued growth because the success of local businesses attracts and encourages other entrepreneurs to start local businesses, which leads to more jobs and revenue re-circulating throughout our community. When you shop local, you’re making a personal investment in your community.

Chamber Cash is a gift certificate program that encourages recipients to shop locally. Each year, the Kearney Chamber of Commerce circulates over $4,000 in Chamber Cash helping to keep shopping dollars local. 

Businesses, as well as individuals, may purchase Chamber Cash from the Chamber office to be given as gifts, bonuses or as part of an incentive program. There is no surcharge for the certificates. Over 40 participating Chamber members accept Chamber Cash just as they would their own gift certificate. 

Chamber Cash is available in increments of $50 or less. Call (816) 628-4229 or email

The Chamber Cash gift card program works just like cash. You choose where and how you spend it!

  • Easy gift-giving solution for employees, suppliers, teachers, customers, or family
  • Company rewards, incentives, door prizes, safety awards, retirement and thank you gifts
  • Covers a variety of tastes and preferences…everyone gets exactly what they want
  • Excellent incentive to shop local and support the Kearney community

For more information contact the Kearney Chamber at 816-628-4229 or email us at 

  1. A participating Chamber member accepts Chamber Cash as regular payment – straight across dollar for dollar.
  2. Chamber Cash will be used ONLY for the purchase of merchandise or services.
  3. Chamber Cash should be treated as cash.
  4. Chamber Cash should be presented to the merchant on or before the expiration date.
  5. People holding expired Chamber Cash should be directed to the Chamber office.
  6. Merchants redeem Chamber Cash for payment at the Kearney Chamber of Commerce, either by mail or in person.
  7. A check is written within 15 days to the merchant (when mailed) for the total amount of Chamber Cash presented.

If you would like to be included as a participating chamber business contact

Participating Chamber Cash Members

Participating Non-Profit Chamber Cash Members

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