Porters Celebrates 65th Anniversary

Porters 65th Anniversary

Porters will celebrate their 65th anniversary of being Kearney’s hometown hardware store beginning on June 15th.  They will have the Big Green Egg “EGGULANCE” (an ambulance decked out in BGE colors and graphics) from 10-2 on Thursday, June 15th.  The Egghead Doctor will be at the store to save you from a bad BBQ and will be cooking on several different Eggs showing the versatility of the Big Green Egg.

Also on Friday, they will have a Stihl factory rep on hand to let everyone try various pieces of Stihl equipment and to answer any questions on Stihl.  Saturday’s activities are not confirmed yet but iwe will have a sale starting on Wednesday the 14th thru Saturday the 17th. Visit Porter’s website or Facebook page for more information.

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