New Teacher’s Luncheon and Chamber Chatter!

Our annual New Teacher’s Luncheon is coming up – one of the favorite things we love to do for our community!  Thanks to your support of the Chamber, we host a luncheon annually for our new teachers.  This year the Kearney School District is welcoming TWENTY-FIVE new teachers, and this is where you come in!  We always give them $25 Chamber Bucks gift certificates and any goodies from our membership.

So, if you have 25 items you’d like to donate to our new teachers (could be a gift certificate from your business, a coupon or small gift of some sort) please get it to me by WEDNESDAY, August 9.  The luncheon is the following day.  If it’s easier for you, I’d be glad to come by and pick them up, just give me a call!  And thank you in advance for your support!

Next – it’s time for Chamber Chatter, the newsletter that keeps us in the know!  Chamber Chatter is available in hard copy at our meetings and on our website.  If you’ve moved, have a new employee you’d like to introduce, or any ads or specials here’s the place you can advertise for FREE – one of the benefits of being a member!  Please have your information to me by next Friday, July 28.  Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you!


Siouxsan Eisen

Executive Director

Kearney Chamber of Commerce


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