March 2016 Business of the Month – 9Round Kearney


1).  A few folks do not know what 9Round is about.  Please give a brief overview of what it is.

9Round is a 30 minute total body workout with no class times. A new round starts every 3 minutes! We work with all fitness levels & have helped many people lose weight, some have lost over 100lbs!

2).  What made you decide to open a 9Round in Kearney?

 I heard the most awesome people in MO live in Kearney so it was a no-brainer 😉

3). When did 9Round have its  beginning, and how many 9Rounds are there?

9Round corporate began franchising in 2008. The founder, Shannon Hudson, is a world champion kickboxer & wanted to bring the most effective workout on the planet to the average person. There are currently over three hundred 9Round locations worldwide.

4).  Please tell us a bit about yourself

I was born & raised in the military. I moved to the KC area in 2000. I joined the KCMO Police Academy in Dec 2002. Upon graduation I worked Central Patrol Division from June 2003 – Oct 2006 then transferred to the Mounted Patrol Unit. This is where I stayed until I left the police department Nov 2010. In Oct 2012 the very first 9Round in Missouri opened just 3 miles from my house. All of my friends kept raving about the workout & how awesome it was. So I finally, reluctantly, went to go try it out. I FELL IN LOVE!!! About a year later we opened 9Round Kearney. The residents & community of Kearney have been absolutely wonderful! It’s such a joy to be a part of Kearney!

5). 9Round Kearney is doing a lot in the community.  Please tell us some of the things you are doing to make Kearney a better place to work and live.

We support Kearney School District’s events & fundraisers. We support community events as well as other local businesses. We also offer discounts to chamber members.

6).  What would you say is unique about the 9Round here in Kearney?

We are a close knit 9Round family, just as Kearney is a tight knit community. When you come work out here, you’re sure to run in to someone you know! And if not, don’t worry! It won’t be long before you find yourself with some new friends! We have some of the most friendly, welcoming members!

7).  We are getting ready for summer weather.  I bet you’ve got some ads or specials you’d like to share with us!

We are currently offering a 12 Week Bridal Transformation Package! If the Bride brings 5 or more new members with her, then she gets to workout for FREE! We are also hosting our first ever fundraiser for The Hearing Aid Fund through Children’s Mercy Hospital on April 30, 2016 from 12p – 4p. There are 3 ways to participate: 1) Participant – $30 entry fee gets you an event t-shirt & a raffle ticket for the drawing with the grand prize being a 1 year FREE membership at 9Round! 2) Round Sponsor – each of the 9 rounds will be sponsored by a local business. All the business has to do is donate a prize with a minimum value of $50 for the drawing. The business will be listed on one of the 9 different rounds. 3) Corporate Sponsor – minimum donation of $500, check made out to Children’s Mercy Hospital & “9Round Hearing Aid Fundraiser” in the memo section. Corporate sponsors will be included in all KC area 9Round locations’ marketing efforts as well as social media pages.

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