Learn to Fight Back at Free Women’s Self Defense Seminar


The Excelsior Springs Hospital and the Dan Lechner Farmer’s Insurance Agency in Kearney are co-sponsoring a free women’s self-defense seminar on Saturday, January 27th, and want to encourage women to get signed up as soon as possible. It’s a great event to bring your daughter, mother, sister, or girlfriends to as well. The seminar takes four hours, and there is both a morning and afternoon session available to choose from. More information and the online registration form can be found here on the Excelsior Springs Hospital website.

Seminar Instructor Sgt. Ray Franks

The cruel reality is that safety and survival in today’s world requires you to know self-defense. Attendees to the seminar will learn proven self-defense tactics in order to give the best chance of survival in various types of potential assaults. Elements that will be covered include:


  • Practical Self-Defense – effective techniques and tips.
  • Increased Awareness – what to do in dangerous situations.
  • Effective Escape Techniques – how to get away quickly.
  • Crime Prevention – how to minimize the chance you will be attacked.
  • Using Your Body as a Weapon – give yourself a fighting chance.

All the techniques are taught by Sgt. Ray Franks, a 20-year veteran of the Clay County Sherrif’s Department. The seminar will be held in a non-threatening, non-intimidating atmosphere in the Community Room of the Excelsior Springs Hospital. The session does not require a lot of physical strength, and all of the techniques are taught in a fun and safe manner. Participants do not need to be in top physical condition or well coordinated – this is designed for everyone to learn how to protect themselves.

Spaces are limited so early registration is encouraged. You can sign up online here, or call the Excelsior Springs Hospital at 816-628-2757 to reserve your spot.

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