Dare to Care, Dare to Change, Dare to Share

The Dare to Care, Dare to Change, Dare to Share is a multifaceted national campaign to help businesses, through cost-effective advertising, change the health of one individual at a time. Kearney Wakaya Perfection representative Michelle Wimberley can provide you example after example of how sharing a 1-week trial pack of the BulaFit program has saved, not just changed a life.

John Bedall of Kansas City explains how he was unable to push his child on a swing for more than three times before he was done. He weighed in at 360 pounds and had several health issues. The youth director at his church shared the program with John in March, 2017. Because Aaron Martin was willing to care about someone else and share a product with them, John Bedall, as of September, 2017 is down 120 pounds.

This program allows businesses to purchase 1-week trial packages of the BulaFit system for $50. The business can give it to employees who take the dare of stepping on the scale to see if they are happy with their current weight, or sponsoring an unknown individual. The pack will be delivered with information about your business (business card, any information you would like to provide, perhaps a note of support) and we provide a support group to assist the individual. After 7 days, 98% of those who have tried the packet, continue the program and lose the fat and improve their health.

John Bedall will forever be grateful to Aaron Martin for sharing BulaFit with him. Word of mouth advertising by an individual you sponsor, as well as improving (or saving) their life, is priceless.

Contact Michelle Wimberly for more information and more success stories: 816-776-9092                 mwimberley@centurylink.net

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