Committee Updates- 4/10/2018

Growth Committee-

The Growth Committee had its first meeting on 3/27/2018 at 10am.  They discussed an open house workshop that is open to all Kearney businesses.  This initial meeting should be a presentation of the objectives of the Growth Committee and opportunities that will be offered to both members and non-members.  The Growth Committee discussed the possibility of having food available and vendors who can assist Kearney businesses.  Pre-registration will be required for these events.  Fees for vendors and attendees have not been determined yet.  The old Firehouse was discussed as a potential location, and the middle of May was discussed as a date for the open house.  Due to a low attendance rate at the meeting, finalization of details will be done at the next meeting on Wednedsay, May 9th at 10:30am.


Welcome Committee-

The Welcome Committee had its first meeting on 3/27/2018 at 11am.  They discussed the possibility of doing a monthly Lunch & Learn with the Committee and Executive Director where members can come and learn how to use all of the benefits that come with their membership.  New members will have an ambassador assigned to them, and the ambassador will visit the new member in person with a welcome packet to explain how our Chamber works and invite them to ether a Lunch & Learn, or a “Chamber 101” that would be available in the earlier hours of the day. More details will be finalized at the next meeting on May 9th at 12:00pm.  This committee will have standing meetings on the second Wednesday of the month at noon.


Marketing Committee-

The Marketing Committee had its first meeting on 3/28/2018 at 2:30pm.  They discussed updating the Chamber’s robocall capabilities and increasing traffic to the Chamber website.  The possibilities of adding a “classifieds” area, an available housing page (rentals only), and a news feed were discussed.  They also discussed how to better utilize the Chamber’s facebook page by following all Kearney businesses so more information can be shared.

The possibility of digital billboard slots has been on the agenda for a while.  The marketing team and boards of directors are working with the billboard company to make this happen.  More information will be shared on that when details have been worked out.

The committee discussed a potential leased car for the Chamber of Commerce.  This car would be leased a locally as possible, wrapped in a Chamber of Commerce advertisement wrap, and a specified number of advertisement spots on the car would be sold to Chamber Members at a great rate.  These would be one-year slots.

Another possibility to offer members would be videos for their websites.  These videos would be offered at a discounted rate, a copy sent to the member for use however they wish, and a copy given to the Chamber for use on the website Member Directory.

More details will be discussed on all of these topics at the next meeting on May 16th at 2:30pm.


Event Committee-

The Event Committee had its first meeting on 4/5/2018 at 10am.  The committee discussed what events will be held during 2018 and what events should be added in the future.  The events for this year are potentially the bull ride, a vendor fair, small business week, end of year banquet, and an event that will happen alongside the existing Jesse James Festival.  Events for next year and beyond are all of the above as well as potentially a June event on the West side of town.  The committee would like to also be able to take some of the existing events and make a Clay County Fair.

The Committee will break out in to subcommittees at the next meeting on May 10th at 10am.  Future meetings will be based on each event.


Budget Committee-

The Budget Committee had its first meeting on 4/16/2018 at 2:30pm.  The Budget Committee discussed past events and implementing a goal of how much profit that event should generate to be deemed sustainable for the future.  The current use of funds was also discussed and ways to save on current expenses was explored.  The Budget Committee will be looking over budget requests from all committees at their next meeting on May 17th at 2:30pm.  The decision has been made to forego a set budget for 2018, and use data from 2017 and 2018 to help them set a firm budget for 2019.


*If you or someone you know is a member of the Chamber of Commerce and would like to join one of our committees, please have them reach out to


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