Chamber Bucks are Going Out!


Dear Chamber members,

A large number of Chamber gift certificates (100 to be exact!) have gone out into the community today.  I wanted to make you aware of them and what to do should you receive them: 

  • Treat them as cash.  If you receive a $20 gift certificate and they buy $15 worth of goods, go ahead and give them $5 change.
  • Bring your certificate to the Chamber for reimbursement.  I will write you a check on the spot for your cost.  You may also mail it into me – just make sure to indicate which business I need to mail your money back to.

Chamber gift certificates is a great way to keep our residents shopping local and supporting your businesses and we are excited that such a large number were purchased.  I look forward to seeing all those certificates coming in!  If you have any questions about how they work please don’t hesitate to contact me.  Thank you!

Siouxsan Eisen
Executive Director
Kearney Chamber of Commerce

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