Business of the Month: Starrtek Express

Your business has such an interesting name. Please tell us how you came up with it!

We thought long and hard about what to call our company as we wanted a name that would best represent our goals and who we are. We looked at some of the more popular businesses that have both national and international presence and looked at what their business names represented and how that related to their product. So with Starrtek , we are a technology company reaching for the stars in highest quality in customer experience and end product as well as for all our goals and company growth.

Please tell us what Starrtek Express does.

Starrtek is a web and software development company focusing on smaller projects under $100,000. Projects that come through our doors range from simple websites, eCommerce websites, to systems development and ap development. Systems development might include in part, a computer systems developed specifically for the company. An example might be writing software that would allow employees to log into the system and do all businesses and bookkeeping processes through that login door. It might include setting systems up so customers can pay bills online and the system we create would populate into that customers database. The possibilities we are able to create to help businesses function more effectively are endless. If a company has a business program problem, we can create a system to help or take care of that problem. An example of one of the aps Starrtek has developed is On Track Fundraising, a project and prospect tool that helps keep a fundraising project on track and focused.

What made you decide to start this business?

After closing my speaking and writing business in 2005, I was ready to open another chapter in my life but didn’t know what to do. I worked at Orscheln’s in Kearney for a period then got a job with National Marketing in Kearney. At NMR I was taught how to build websites and market online businesses before our entire team was laid off in April 2011. I have owned my own business all of my adult life other than when I worked at NMR and had never been on unemployment until that time. I decided to take the tools and knowledge I had learned while at NMR, and the past knowledge of starting, marketing and growing businesses and create a web and software business. Starrtek started out as Web Design in KC, but soon evolved to much more than just websites.

What would you say makes Starrtek Express unique?

Starrtek is unique in a number of ways. The model I decided to create for this business is a little different than any other business I’ve had. I wanted our developers/designers to have a deep understanding of working with clients, more than just a few years of experience in their particular field of expertise and to understand the basics of business. That said, those who are on our team all own their own businesses, but primarily their projects come in from Starrtek. Having years of experience in development and design and owning their own businesses allows them to understand our clients from more of a “customer” perspective. They know how hard our clients work to grow their businesses while understanding the basic premise of growing a business. This experience is invaluable in relating to customer needs and relationships with our customers. Starrtek has over 150 combined years of experience in online marketing, design and development. I also wanted to help Military Veterans so we have 2 military veterans on our team. The final thing that makes us unique is many of todays developers are looking at dollar signs when they come across a project. They give themselves a short time to “make the sell” so potential customers may be pushed into signing a contract before they are ready. We believe in getting to know our customers and allowing them to get to know us before any contracts are signed. Our customers usually become our friends and there is built a mutual trust between us. This trust is extremely important to Starrtek and our team. Our customers truly become our friends and they know we will guide them with our web and software knowledge to help them make the best decision for their company before signing any contracts.

How long have you had your business?

Starrtek is close to celebrating their 5th year in business.

Please tell us a big about yourself.

Karl and I were both extremely excited when Karl could come on board with Starrtek in June of this year to work full time. We met, became engaged within a matter of a few weeks and were married within a matter of a few months. That was 38 years ago, and we are still best friends. Not many people have the opportunity to work and live with their best friend. We have worked together in our past businesses and found we compliment each other in our talents. Karl works as project manager among other duties for Starrtek.

Anything else you’d like to share?

Starrtek is a small company consisting of a total of 10 on our team including Karl and I.

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