Business of the Month Sep. 2017: Fairpoint Communications

Congratulations to Fairpoint Communications for being selected as the Business of the Month for September 2017. The following interview was conducted with Fairpoint Communications representative JoAnn Lawson:

1). You’ve been the face of FairPoint here in Kearney for a long time.  What is your current position there, and how many years have you worked for FairPoint?

Have worked for this company for 21 years. I started before the door were opened and before we had one customer

2). Can you fill us in a bit on the new name, Consolidated Communications?  (such as rumors the office may close, when will it officially be Consolidated Communications, allay any fears about service interruptions, etc).

Consolidated is a nationwide communications company. The merger was official the end of June. There are no plans to close our office and from my interaction with them so far I feel this is going to be the best thing that has happened to our company and the best thing for our customers.

3).  Please tell us a bit of history of FairPoint – when was it founded, and when did it come to Kearney?

FairPoint was originally Exop it was formed in 1996 and the doors opened in Feb 1999. It was purchased by Utilicorp and eventually by Ron Reckrodt and his partners. In 2006 FairPoint purchased us.

4). What would you say is unique about your company?

The fact that if you need help you can call me at any time. I am here in town and our customers can always come by and visit.

5).  Will your job be changing in any way with this new organization?

Unsure who I will be reporting to but by basic job should be the same.

6).  Are there any ads or specials you’d like to tell us about?

We are so proud of our Business broad band internet. It is a dedicated circuit and a direct drain to the internet. The great thing is that it is reasonably priced for our customers. There will be some major changes in our product line coming down the road and I will make sure our customers and potential customers are made aware of changes.

It has been a pleasure to serve this community. I love my customers and try to always do what is best for them. I look forward to seeing what the future brings for both them and me.

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