Big Bam Missouri Bicycle Tour Stops at Kearney in 2017.

We are super-excited to announce that the Big BAM cross-state bicycle tour and music festival will be stopping in Kearney, Missouri in 2017!

Big BAM 2017 Comes to Kearney

The Big BAM is a six-day trip across the Show-Me state, which will happen June 10-16, 2017. It starts in Weston and will end 340 miles later in Louisiana, Missouri. Riders will travel an average of 56 miles per day on paved, low-traffic rural roads. And along the way there’s a daily stop in a new Missouri town with a party and concert in each one!

The tour will stop in Kearney on June 11th, with the festival and overnight stay happening at the Jesse James Park and Amphitheatre. Tickets are still available if you’d like to join the tour.

Visit the Big BAM website for all the details!

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