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Welcome to Kearney! 

Kearney is conveniently located in north-central Clay County, just 25 minutes north of downtown Kansas City, at the intersection of I-35 and Missouri Highway 92. Because of the convenient accessibility, Kearney is ideal for commercial locations.

Strong residential growth and increasing business development all contribute to Kearney’s high-level of financial stability. A growing business community and a strong local economy means residents enjoy a full range of competitive goods and services.

Kearney’s growth and the community’s desire to prosper continues to bring local merchants and business owners increased opportunities.

From its humble beginnings in 1856 as an agricultural and livestock community to its current status as a premier area of modern living, Kearney has kept a respectful eye on its rich and colorful past. Kearney holds its place in American history and folklore as the birthplace of one of the American west’s most notorious characters, Jesse James.




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